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October 29, 2018
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I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to give back too my subscribers and followers.

This is the most crucial thing I been trying to figure out. And not be like the norm. This has to fit my character and all the emotions that I put in when I stream. Simple fact I always give it my all then move to the next thing I have in stored, what ever that may be.

So I been recording my streams every time I go live to make a collage video to upload. Now I’m learning too edit videos. Well that’s in the making cause I just don’t have the hardware power to even edit fast. Well let’s just say learning another piece of software.

I do have to update the fadercast page cause theres a few mixes that need to be uploaded. Keeping up with that, I have a routine now. Why not? Next will come with a new thumbnail for that. I wanna try and just change them up like every season if I can. If I do a new one every time after I finish streaming, its not gonna happen. Well unless I’ll have a default for days like this.

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