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June 29, 2011
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Storefront Mingle Facebook Twitter Compatible

Blending Members Together

I had too make a new post for this cause i’m excited about this also. After a long time of understanding plugins and compatibility of sites and stuff. I believe i have found a winner that will make me soar through new heights in the internet world.  The look and feel of my site look and feel as my personality; Fun, technical, hard, but basic.

Only reason why I take time to do this is too collect my friends that have my back. People I done parties, weddings, what ever. And for those that keep asking me if I still Dj and do you have any mix cd’s. So i understand that people don’t like making up new user accounts. Then try and remember what your user name and password is unless you click the remember me button on sign in. And that works never on some sites.

So as of now I DJ C-LO a.k.a. BREAKFADER can concentrate on music then this. All you have to do is go to the login select which one you wanna login as. Or if you are a existing member you can still sign in with your regular account. On either one when that pop up link come up and you see this your good. It will also read my name on the app also. So now that your in then what? How bout edit your profile invite friends from facebook straight from my site.

Request songs at Sound Cache Radio in the request form. Or even go into the forum and post request, topics, comments. Post comments in the blog where ever you can post something for real as long as your logged in. And with radio station playing on the site you can listen too see how to win free prizes and giveaways. Listen too unsigned artist that really do sound good some do take to grow on you though.

I will be adding some more functionality later on. But for now every thing is looking pretty good to me anyway. If there is any help needed for anything just hit up the support area in the forum and ask. If your really feeling me and everything I’m doing up here. I also have a campaign page that will post all campaigns I sent out for mine and anyone’s use. Its a lot of stuff going on in the website that I cant really explain for real. Check out for your self!!!!!

  • EarWax Entertainment = Company
  • Table Wreqor Music = Genre
  • Sound Cache = Broadcast
  1. Wreqor is pronounced “Wrecker”
  2. Cache is pronounced “Cash”

This is where you can find me at doing my thing.

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  • admin

    June 29, 2011 (21:02)

    Gonna be a lot of bitters looking at the format. Cause
    i lay it down lovely.

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