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July 11, 2011
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All of the old Mix CD’s I made are up for donations. You can buy a album, promo item, or another mic cd and get the other one for free. If you just want one of the ones that for donation you can’t put anything under a penny I believe. So products up for donations are

  1. From Me To You
  2. I Represent Virginia
  3. Rise Of The Underground
  4. Table Rider
  5. Live @ Encores Vol.1
  6. Tan-Trum

There will be more mixes coming soon as well as new artist on demand also. If you would like for me too play your music. just email 2 tracks so I can pick from. I have a really good ear for music. It doesn’t matter what type of music either. But before I play you will have to sign in on my site and edit your profile. And start posting in the forum. That’s all I ask. Plus so i can give out my shout outs when I’m live on the air also. And for those who have been keeping up with my podcast I’m also adding BREAKFADER NONMIX too the collection also. You should know what to do bye now. Subscribe too my newsletter I’m posting everything under the sun i like I can find.


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