DJing Overlaying Sounds

August 12, 2017
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I been working on this since my journey with Ableton live.

How to remix or just play over a track and have it I guess sound good? Well in years of the making I have been doing it for as long as I’m overwhelmed of the possibilities on what can be done. I’m not the type of guy to sit in front of a computer all day, unless I’m just watching movies on YouTube. I want it to be just like DJing. Just download some songs, throw it in the DJ software and play it when I feel like it. Making music is another beast.

So how is it can I do both and not waste anytime. Don’t get me wrong I use to do it. I’m more of a DJ then anything else. That also gets boring after awhile . That’s why I started this craziness. Using Ableton for years now as a average user I understand now how I’m able to incorporate my DJing and other instruments into the mix. Wether a drum machine or a synth. Doesn’t sound all that good all the time, but when I’m in that zone. I be in it.

Since then I haven’t been really into the turntables anymore either. These cdj’s got me to push more. Cause there is no one cue point. Like how you mark the record with some tape. It be all over the place. That’s a whole nother blog on its own though.

Got some new toys since the cdj’s so here we go. Talking drum machine I got the pioneer sp-16,and the pioneer as-1 to go with it. You seen when I got the volca keys and the tb-303. Damn if I can’t find the power cord I brought for that volca keys. That’s one of the reason I haven’t been really using that.

I’m just trying to find myself with this music where I fit in cause it seems like I’m all alone. I know people out there doing it but. They got time to make up something. I’m not a working performer like that. I have a day job too.

When i run this setup there is nothing pre done. I go in just like anything else. Like a painter with a canvas, or a mechanic with a car. Maybe I should’ve called this “Spontaneous Djing”? hmm IDK.

I’m done ranting.

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