September 28, 2012
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Just added a store to my personal site. This will not be a problem anymore when people ask me for a cd. I was in a debate with myself trying to figure out will this be sufficient or not.
Since I already have EarWax Entertainmentdoing what it do. I did notice that I couldn’t find my own mixes on the site. Sine EarWax is the company I deal with a lot of DJ’s and like to put there mixes on it also.

I can’t stop looking at all these techno and drum and bass DJ’s. All them have there own personal sites. With the whole nine yards, I more then capable of doing my own too. So here it is. I did use to have one but that ecommerce plugin was suspect. I’m really really feeling this one. Kinda like it more then the earwax site for real. Even though I am using two different software between the two. Just wanted to see how the other one was since I started using zencart a while back.

I just thought won’t nothing else was worth my time. Plus all the good reviews and been around for a long time does help. This new one is good for a person that don’t know how to write codes and go in the Backend and change files around. Simple easy, took me only hmmm. A good 20 min just to get everything loaded correctly. If you can work zencart you can really work with opencart.

I don’t know if I’m gonna add a player or not. If you want fine you don’t that’s fine to. I’ll just be working on my catalog on both stores. For now I need to make another mix man, soon!

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