Am I A Streamer

April 8, 2017
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For the last few months I made a impact on myself.

I was at a haunt of what type of video I should with what type of routine. But now I’m like the same way but nothing is planned. I go by feelings and what people like to hear in the chat room. I have my set schedule which is like easy for me staying committed. Even when I’m bum tired or something goes wrong , I still push through.

So I was on my man DJ Krazy stream like I be just chilling. I speak to him and everybody in the chat. He just watched me the night before. Gave me a shout out on his stream and called me a streamer. Sounded cool so I started thinking, I’m I really a streamer now. No matter what my agenda was does it narrows it down to this. There has to be another name to call it cause I’m not on everyday of the week either. But things may change with that as my system gets better.

I really love going live.

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