2018 First Stream

January 3, 2018

I guess it was my fault. I should’ve check the modem and the wifi along time ago.

This year I’ll try and keep up the posting. Finding away through the artistic spark of thumbnails.

Sorry to say for those who been holding me down on the Youtube side things. For me streaming that way I’ve been banned for 90 days. I could understand if I was selling the music I’m playing. I’m right in front of your face DJing.

I have found my new ninch. Now I have to keep throwing it out there. More then before more then ever. Hard cause I already know.

Have you seen the new tiers. Man! This is where it’s going. In order for me to keep this up at a high level. Gotta have money, so you can subscribe. Or through a little donation at me. Every little bit counts. All proceeds will go to making everything better and better.

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  • earwaxent

    January 13, 2018 (02:00)

    Need more, come on with it,

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