Window Open Fan Blows

Window Open Fan Blows

After the release of Fruit Snacks I would take a break from making tracks for awhile. Just to get some more inspiration from life you know what I mean. Let it marinate then start fresh on something new again. But the weather was just so lovely, no heat or air conditioner on. Just the window open and the fan blowing like a spring breeze on the oceanfront with crystal clear waters.

I had to through it out there, cause I hate sitting on certain things I be doing. An trying to build up some type of presentation with it all. Which is for say my website says it all I hope, I suppose.

So by all means please go and check the new single out Window Open Fans Blowing. You can come back here and post your comments or just buy the song and show some good loving ;).

Taste Some Snacks

21 May 2015 TRACKS , , , ,

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