Turntablist Til I Die

Turntablist Til I Die

There’s no way I can explain it, what I being in the crib with all these goodies. I have to have everything running at one time to accomplish something. I be seeing these dudes talk about they turntablist. But have nothing to show for about what they do. Like everything is a secret or you just ain’t it for real.

When it comes down to it if I ever get a chance to perform like this mix here. Either I made it to DMC’s not the online battle I’m talking live on stage action. And be able to run six minutes of raw, uncut, what in da, damn, is, he , doing. I will never return. But the Loop 101 if you can not do this. This is pure basic stuff dude.

This is for real like 80’s action and not for real my full potential on what I really can do. This is just ableton live with 4 blank tracks and a single foot pedal and some turntables that’s it. I don’t do alot of talking. I just show and prove. I like people that come up to me and ask to battle. I like new equipment who don’t. This is the only way I can express myself and could care less who feels me or not. Simple fact is


By the time you catch on I’ll be on something else. You late, you always late. Not saying that I’m the best I’m just so into this art and I have been for many of years now. And it hurts me to my heart when I see people go out for a DJ battles and ain’t gotta enough since to tell there self. They ain’t ready yet.

Have you paid attention to the competition, what do you have to bring to the table. Or even how long you trained for this day.

This should let you know that this looping action right here is and will always be on the fly. I keep trying to explain how I set foot in my room. All I do is just hit record period and this what comes up.

The Anointing-J Moss Remix
Sweet Love Making Music

7 August 2012 TRACKS , ,

5 Responses to “Turntablist Til I Die”

  1. So u saying this is not prerecorded u did this all with the akia and two 1200’s along with serato 57 ranw mixer

  2. Don’t nobody got nothing to say about that one. That’s just me, that just real DJ looping scratching looping. And everybody can’t do that. Train your ears if you wanna know a real turntablist.

  3. No controller what so ever. 4 blank tracks, did you read the post?

  4. I suppose I have to do a video now right?!

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