I fear no man or anything of this earth.

And this little ep just shows what direction I’m leading into. That’s where my music belongs, that’s what it sounds like. I personally can not make anything on the radio from scratch. Why would I buy other peoples samples? Whats so creative about that? Seems like everything just cookie cut for those who want too but just cant grasp it. Like me going the holy way.

Like my mama say, just needed to get some confirmation. With this I’ll be following a path of righteousness. Same path I always been on for those already know me. I’m just humble regardless anyway. But if ya not down with the cause I can’t ride with ya no more.

My thing is I just wanna be a warrior for GOD if I make it in heaven. So since I have a original type of sound you can actual hear my feelings in everything I do. You probably can even hear my voice right now reading this. It’s not for everybody, it wasn’t meant to be….

I’m just doing me.

Oh Yeah Lift Yo Hands Up And praise

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Lazernetic E.P.
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3 November 2013 TRACKS , , , ,

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