Now It’s Building Up

Now It’s Building Up

Whats in my soul that makes me come up with this kind of stuff. O yeah i have a soul duh! Housing it up yesterday feeling good when I saw Bruce Lee on AMC. Yes I did stop everything i was doing to watch Enter The Dragon. This a gonna be like one of a classic like Meta Log. My style is like no other and I got the house built.

But now i need to get some furniture, drapes, rugs, washer and drier, stuff like that now. A work in progress trying to figure out what genre of music you belong in. To bad you just can’t select all naw mean pure point player. It’s a blog my voice some creative works of my life. 

So with that being said I’m taking over the western hemisphere with this. This is like I keep saying what happens when i go in and just hit record. Really, I just hit record and let it ride unless I gotta go to the bathroom I’ll stop it then.

I Understand Dance Handstand
Meta Log

7 November 2011 TRACKS , , , ,

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