Ninja Bass

Ninja Bass

My people’s hit me up the other day and said,

Why you ain’t blog bout the Ninja Bass track you just put up?

I was just gonna leave it where I sent it cause doing everything with the hosting, loading files, editing files to fit before even uploading them to fit on the website anywhere. It’s just time consuming and I need a new chair cause the cushion is gone from my buttocks.

Ninja Bass is something I came up with to show what I be thinking about when I do all these crazy tracks and mixes. All I be thinking about is “I’m gonna take you out, I bet you can’t do this.” That’s how I am when I make up my routines for the DJ battles.

I won’t say what I really want to say, I’m trying to keep it PG13 up here now :D. Taking it back to DJ Magic Mike – Feel The Bass. But with more of a hip hop electro funk feel. Tell you the truth your just gonna have to wait and hear it.

The cover speaks for itself, and may I say. I’m getting pretty good with my graphics if I do say so myself. Check out a better view of it on my photos cover art page.

Yeah I Do That.

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