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Simple DJ Nite In The City

I’m trying to figure out where to start on this one. Ok so from 6-11:30pm downtown Virginia Beach at the Westin right beside the Sandler Center. A wedding reception with you know like I know the black folk that’s uppity uppity. (more…)

12 November 2011 GIG Read more

Sholom Reception

It’s was a beautiful day yesterday for a wedding. (more…)

5 June 2011 GIG Read more

Memorial Saturday Day

So I got up and went too alpha music and got me a rx22 diaphragm. (more…)

30 May 2011 GIG Read more

Springhill Suites Reception

This was a beautiful nice family medium sized jank. (more…)

21 May 2011 GIG Read more

Wedding On The Base

Amphibious Fort Storey out Norfolk where you can see the the tunnel cross the water. (more…)

24 April 2011 GIG Read more

Grand Affairs Wedding Reception

Okay now the wedding ceromony took place at grand affairs and the reception. I guess everything was on a set price cause of the hours divided from each part of the wedding. So meaning it was only three hours of nothing but straight slow drag. Well i did give up a hour naw im lieing a good forty five min. When they said over at five thats what time it was. So hey im home getting ready for tonight to see how or where im going tonight on the tables at the deep creek else lodge. Aint nothing bout be gone be fancy either been up since eleven clock. I need a nap!

25 September 2010 GIG Read more

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