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Alps Cafe

Okay so my brother and been rocking this club for the last mounth in a half right. And this is my first post on it. It just made my night again with nothing but girls in the building again. Every time we up in there, i mean fine to yo. Alps is at the corner of volvo parkway and kempsvillie road in va naw mean. So every thursday night we be up in that piece fosho. And my peoples DJ Devistater be up in there friday nights. But my main reason on this post tonight is bye the time we got to my brothers crib. They played Joe Tann on the radio tonight which made my night a huge experitment when that jank bucked off. If yall dont know dude goggle his ass. Straight out of VA. ya know and thats how we carry it round here for sure foshi.

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Virginia DJ's

I  just  made a new forum for the  DJ’s here  in  VA.  Since i lost all  my data from the last  sites  i had. Now this will go no where, its  free. Ill  add a tab  on  my  website when i  get  a chance. There are  no topics yet  so.  So  gohead and make sure u  keep it clean.  Cleaning  meaning no porno crap and  all that mess.  Just hoping we all can come together and change the  game  round. Like the other DJ’s in  other states.  We have to stick together  to make  this music go  in  the right directions. Plus our skills. So sign up its  free to sign up. Go Here Now!

I was at : 501-531 Virginia 165, Norfolk, VA 23505,

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