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ADJ Light Bridge Norview Middle School Setup

This was suppose to had been on that friday before the 14th. (more…)

20 February 2016 GIG Read more

Strawberry Lane Reunion

With all this crazy weather I didn’t think I wasn’t gonna make this money today. Went out there and the clouds was just like man. I setup inside the built in porch gazebo type thing. (more…)

7 August 2011 GIG Read more

Shrine Club

Man this place is setup real nice. And my system was bagging that piece out tonight. (more…)

29 May 2011 GIG Read more

60 Years Old & Counting

At another oldie but goodie tonight. Mrs.Brenda turned 60 and is a ball of laughs. (more…)

16 April 2011 GIG Read more

Teachers of Rosemount Middle School

Its was kinda of a short night. Big shout out to Bouncetime Ent. For hooking a brother up. Even the employee’s at this spot told me i rock better then Astro DJ’s. Right! go figure! Plus it was a mixed crowd at that. I went everywhere for the time i straight played. Now I’m talking bout mixed old school type action. All the way down to the country player. Well line dancing anyway. I played ice ice baby up in that jank yo. I don’t know when the last time I played that out anywhere besides a dj battle.

Rosemount Teachers

Hey what more can i say,what more can i do. Make it so bad I for got my power cord to my external drive at the crib. Man do you know I was lost as hell man. But I made it do what it do though. I was talking major trash to before we got there also. But when i went to go look for that cord. MAN! I was pretty shook like I already know how this gonna end up. Regular fried rice fosho- for sure. Well I’m home now and bout to put in this new DVD I got from walmart called The Spirit,Day Breakers,and Vantage point. Yeah I’m watching all of them before I go to rest “really I am”. So Til next time and check out my podcast and everything else I have going on on my site. Til next time PEACE!


5 June 2010 GIG Read more

Lakeview Elementary

At the lakeview elementary school today from 5-7pm. I just went right in after they set up everything in the little multipurpose room. And yes everything was clean the whole time. If it was on the radio we played it. But what i was tripping out about they wanted to hear michael jackson. What in the world do 5th and 6th graders know about some MJ. We turned it out with they little selfs bless they hearts. I can say this though they know how to party for real.

7 May 2010 GIG Read more


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