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Queen City Day 20

I suppose the weather channel can’t predict no more then what I can do when I look outside the window. (more…)

4 July 2015 GIG Read more

Fuller Reunion

If you been reading my blog you would see how many years I been doing there reunions. (more…)

17 August 2013 GIG Read more

Queen City Day #19

That’s a pretty long number right defining how long I been doing this. (more…)

7 July 2013 GIG Read more

3rd Year Running

I think this the third family reunion I done for Kim people’s. It might be four, I be losing count. Started early cause you know how them mature folks be.


18 August 2012 GIG Read more

Queen City Day 16th One

So hot, so so so hot. When the music is on people will come. No matter what the temperature is, well by time it cool down. I saw the devil walking around trying to find ice water. (more…)

8 July 2012 GIG Read more

Kim Family Reunion

Out VA off of edwin drive by mount trashmore. Getting it in from the jazz to the gospel to the old school and a pinch of new school. (more…)

20 August 2011 GIG Read more

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