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Waterside, Downtown Norfolk

As  you can figure it was straight tiny bobbers. Grown as they wanna be. No pot to piss in,coursing on every song. Even with the edited versions. So when they get off of there vacation. They gonna be talking bout this party all year. Grinding no humpping yeah! You should have  seen then steanking girls,like i said yep musty to. “Shame”. Well all i can say majority of us have been there done that. Next generation is a trip man.  One more holiday  weekend and next thing you know its gonna be spring time. Here we go.

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Deep Creek Else Lodge

Its was rainning its ass off last night man. First time i wear tennis shoes and its cats and dogs,and mud. But to make this seem dry outside. Hoping people when come party which they did. I had my little 15″ computer screen on top the base scope. Rocking all night with your favorite hits,and old school. Well the old school was with simple loops and text. Or just a picture  of the artist on the screen i made. I notice when nothing  was on the screen people was like a where the  video at “anyway”. These boys gave out a new wii game system. And a high priced purse for the brauds. I dont know nothing about that. All in all it was a good night though. Even with the rain and all of that. Well we’ll see what happens next week.

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Woodlake Dr.

Party house was good tonight. Gotta give some shout outs too.  Keith,Blanka,J B Eazy,C.M.G.,and Nephew.  Who  really shut it down for real. It was totally funny when these dude from hampton was  throughing money. And  the girls picked up they money. Ripped the bills up. And threw  them back to them.  Wow okay! We went into over time tonight. The sound system was banging. I just bridged my double 18 scoop tonight. The amp didnt even  cut off  not  once tonight either. Rattling  like slide it off  baby. Still dont understand  where  do the artist come in at though. It was friday night man. People came out to party  not  for no rap show. It  just dont mix.  No prize was givin out  either.  So he the  women where  beautiful,let me tell ya. Boy! Well  lets  see  what happens next.

I was at : 1016 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320,

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Deep Creek Else Lodge

It was banging tonight had a massive sound system for the Oscar Smith reunion. Even did a live feed tonight off my phone.the crowd was crazy. Hoes drunk wanna. Take a brother home with scarrted teeth.  Phater then a mofo though. But as many man! Lol. Everbody wanted me to get freaky on the set but it just won’t like that tonight. With all the women in there man be for real. We haven’t been in this jank since 90 something. So we had to rock it for real. So what’s for next week. Let’s just wait an see.

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Longshoremen Hall

Still misty rainy ouside. Ran some rain tunes like Mary J,Ashanti type ish. All in all everything was right,and the people there. Collective trying to get hitched tonight. Not the best of promoting I seen. But it was still fun. I still say it was rain though

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