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Going For The Gold

As of right now I’m in 9th place thank you for all your support. (more…)

2 April 2011 BLOG Read more

Flash Hop Mix

DJ C-LO a.k.a. BREAKFADER FLASH HOP MIX, for the month of march coming too you. (more…)


15 March 2011 MIXES Read more

New Hour Mix

Just uploaded a new hour mix for the month in the radio station. I’ll start playing after fresh start monday’s is over. You can buy and download it here

But now is the time to vote for on the Disco Music championships “DMC”. This is a tablist battle that i’ve set my whole entire life too. Now with new technology and the internet there is no need to waste gas to get to the battle. Kinda sucks though but hey naw it sucks cause when you perform in front of people its awhole new different feel going on. Vote for me here check out the video let me know what you think i should do and leave a comment here or there it doesnt matter.

4 March 2011 MIXES Read more

Sound Cache Radio 24 Hour

The new and approved Sound Cache Radio is up and running for 24 hours a day. (more…)

11 February 2011 LIVE BROADCAST Read more

And where back Afternoon Shine Friday’s

Longtome no see or hear from. Hope ya’ll missed me. (more…)

21 January 2011 LIVE BROADCAST Read more

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