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Queen City Day 20

I suppose the weather channel can’t predict no more then what I can do when I look outside the window. (more…)

4 July 2015 GIG Read more

Zion Baptist Reunion

Again this is just talent and skills I shed through Virginia. (more…)

17 August 2013 GIG Read more

Fuller Reunion

If you been reading my blog you would see how many years I been doing there reunions. (more…)

17 August 2013 GIG Read more

Queen City Day #19

That’s a pretty long number right defining how long I been doing this. (more…)

7 July 2013 GIG Read more

Zion Baptist Church Appreciation

Yes I did and had a ball. Who said church folk don’t know how to party. (more…)

14 October 2012 GIG Read more

3rd Year Running

I think this the third family reunion I done for Kim people’s. It might be four, I be losing count. Started early cause you know how them mature folks be.


18 August 2012 GIG Read more

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