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Live Streaming DJ VJ

Been awhile since I posted something. It’s been for a good reason, as I’ve been leaning to add a few more things to my craft. (more…)

11 March 2017 BLOG Read more

Roland TB-03 Yae & Nae

I never buy a product on first release. I usually wait a year and see if they work out any prior bugs and issues that may occur if you even have to send it back at times. (more…)

8 October 2016 BLOG Read more

Episode #103

I made this with just the rane 64 and a akai afx. (more…)


11 April 2016 MIXES Read more

Black & White Party In A Dance Studio

This was a black and white party that should’ve been called “Grandma, Grandda, Aunt, and Uncle Throw Down”. (more…)

20 March 2016 GIG Read more

ADJ Light Bridge Norview Middle School Setup

This was suppose to had been on that friday before the 14th. (more…)

20 February 2016 GIG Read more

Timelapse 10 Foot Truss Setup

I had a chance to setup the 10 foot truss in all it’s glory. (more…)

7 February 2016 GIG Read more

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