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Live Streaming DJ VJ

Been awhile since I posted something. It’s been for a good reason, as I’ve been leaning to add a few more things to my craft. (more…)

11 March 2017 BLOG Read more

Roland TB-03 Yae & Nae

I never buy a product on first release. I usually wait a year and see if they work out any prior bugs and issues that may occur if you even have to send it back at times. (more…)

8 October 2016 BLOG Read more

Cindy & DJ Reception

With all this rain early in the morning. (more…)

19 May 2013 GIG Read more


Just added a store to my personal site. This will not be a problem anymore when people ask me for a cd. I was in a debate with myself trying to figure out will this be sufficient or not. (more…)

28 September 2012 BLOG Read more

In The Weekend

I personally didn’t have anything to do, and seen myself caught up at a graduation cookout. (more…)

26 June 2011 GIG Read more


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