Longshoremen Trick or Treat

Longshoremen Trick or Treat

It was banging tonight. Every one had they costumes on and stuff. I was so like wow when C hit that Dana Dane nightmare on Elms st. I was no more good. I heard girls singing that jank so you know they was old. I still ran the early show as always cause I guess I was feeling then I had to piss for real. C.M.G. also came through and blessed the mic tonight is always a pleasure. Big shout out to big O out of lock down for damn a decade and some change. Still look the same too. To everybody at the longshoremen hall to make this night possible, thank you and go to bed. Early day tomorrow at the football field so get your rest and I’ll see y’all out there hopefully.

30 October 2010 GIG , , , , , , ,

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