Raising Money For A Casket

Raising Money For A Casket
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I really was playing when I say I do funerals. This was my first one I ever did.
The concept was good but, the only people that was there. Most likely will be the only ones at the funeral. Give or take with a few out of towners and grand parents and stuff. It was a family event to I just rocked it like a cook party. They walking up in the building at 11:30 like people don’t gotta go to work in the morning. Blessings goes out to cuz in the after life. Come to think about he is in a better place. So why not celebrate, depending on how he was living his life. I didn’t ask no questions I just did my job. Made sure everybody was having a good time. And that was it, bye see ya when I see ya.

Ashley 18th Birthday
Happy Birthday Ms DJ

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