50 Year Old & Temple

50 Year Old & Temple

I was at the Cypress Hill Country club today. With all the rain man pouring down like we was at ocean breeze getting in the water.
I’m talking bout soaking wet from head to toe. Good thing I didnt put on what I was gonna wear for the night. I did my thing thing over there with them old folks. They was tired for real cause as usual they had to remind me to play a slow song. I killed them tonight. I might need to save that playlist for my other 50 year old party I gotta do in August.


Then here we go at the khedive Temple out Cheezetown. I didn’t get done with my party til 12. Pulled up in there like round 1. All I have to say is “Pretty Girl”, wow I really really do. When I say made my night, made my night for real. It’s was things in there with dresses on dancing all over the speakers. Thong showing and the whole nine yards yo. I gotta give it to cause she was sexy though. Me and bra bra was looking like damn don’t stop. Let me pull up a chair and sit down and see what you got. Then you got them understand what I’m talking bout. A yo play this play that. Ummmm be right here when they turn the lights on so you can help us move this equipment by the time we done. If you trying to hear what you wanna hear. You just drunk feeling what we doing. How bout you give me the name and phone number at yo job. So I can call or come through at your place of work and worry to death. That’s it I think I’m off next week. Gotta make money doing other things I suppose. Peace!

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  1. Somebody got me for my iPhone charger too.

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