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Kitchen Lab

I had to fall back from uploading tracks every time i made one. (more…)

2 March 2012 TRACKS Read more

Hip Hop Blues

This marks a new start of a genre I call Hip Hop Blues. (more…)

6 December 2011 TRACKS Read more

Burnt Ice Cream


Burnt Ice Cream filling in the gaps between hip hop and blues. This album can touch your life if you let it. You may even call it hypnotizing. A 12 track album and you may also just buy single tracks favorites to keep with you at all times. (more…)

25 November 2011 TRACKS Read more

I Understand Dance Handstand

I understand dance handstand of some fly head bob music. (more…)

16 November 2011 TRACKS Read more

Now It’s Building Up

Whats in my soul that makes me come up with this kind of stuff. (more…)

7 November 2011 TRACKS Read more

Meta Log

Like I said its something about bad weather that makes the creative side comes out of me more. (more…)

1 November 2011 TRACKS Read more

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