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Season 2 Masters Of The Mix

This 5 week battle seems like it lasted for one year straight. (more…)

4 October 2014 BLOG Read more

Stop Drop Open Up Shop

One more video to end the year out with. (more…)

10 December 2013 BLOG Read more

OSX To Windows

I took that other hp back with the amd processor and got this. (more…)

8 March 2013 BLOG Read more


Just added a store to my personal site. This will not be a problem anymore when people ask me for a cd. I was in a debate with myself trying to figure out will this be sufficient or not. (more…)

28 September 2012 BLOG Read more

Rocking Smiley Faces T-Shirts

Rocking Smiley T-Shirts the new t-shirt line of EarWax Entertainment. This is my new project I’m working on for promotions and sales. If you would like too purchase a shirt pleases check out the store. (more…)

31 October 2011 BLOG Read more

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