Live @ Guitar Center Giveaways

Live @ Guitar Center Giveaways

I got a call from my local Guitar Center from Claude.

Saying there where having a light show demonstration. With a DJ and a band with some new light showcase. So you know me these lights are a addiction so I just wanted to see what new stuff they had.

I recorded this using my phone but that back room just always had the worst reception ever in that store. I suppose that everyone in there tonight where heavy hitters. That actually buy real deal equipment and always in there like myself.

Here’s some footage I took for the majority time I was there. My arm started shaking so I had to chill for a minute.

The G.C. band okay ummmmm that was cute funk-da-fied action. Got me some free elation gloves though ya heard ;).

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  1. ADJ slim pars are the way to go, not them Chauvet slim pars.

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