NEW APC 20 Ableton Live controller at winter NAMM 2010

NEW APC 20 Ableton Live controller at winter NAMM 2010

The APC20 retains many of the APC40’s most popular features and capabilities,
while shrinking the physical footprint and adding interesting new capabilities. The
smaller size enables musicians to perform in less space and makes setting up
multiple controllers and devices easier. Power users can use the APC20 in
conjunction with an APC40 to expand their track and clip controls.

Like the APC40, the APC20 centers on its five-by-eight Clip Launch grid. This bank
of multicolor triggers not only start and stop clips playing in Live, they also show cells’
status in the software – whether a clip is loaded or not, whether it is playing or not,
record-armed status and more. Clip Stop triggers, transport controls and faders
round out the control surface. Users can switch the APC20’s faders between volume
control, pan, sends and three different user-mapped modes. A new Note Mode
enables musicians to use the Clip Launch buttons to control virtual instruments and
Ableton Live’s Drum Rack.
Because Akai Professional and Ableton designed the APC20 for use with Ableton
Live software, the system is truly plug and play, although advanced Live users will
appreciate that the APC20 enables them to remap every one of its controls to suit
their own style.
“The APC20 is perfect for performers who like to customize their setup with multiple
controllers, or just want a more compact setup,” said Adam Cohen, Director of
Business Development, Akai Professional. “You’ll spend less time looking at the
computer screen, using a mouse and keyboard with the APC20”
The APC20 will be available from pro audio and musical instrument retailers in
January 2010. It has a U.S. Retail Price of $399.00 and an estimated street price of

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