Guru Dead

Guru Dead

This was real cool ass dude right here. You know he’s straight hip hop when you meet this guy. Died at 42 years and i still dont understand why. I do but damn i really thought his diet was like fish and chicken the good stuff. When i heard this it seemed like another part of me and this music of today has no more chances. A great,master, pioneer of the m.c. of the voice that picks you up. I’ll tell you one thing if you have a way about your self and you meet up with this guy. And you be some where he will remember you. Thats what happen to me. And I told Guru i dont give a damn about you m.c.’s where Premiere at. He was weak as hell to. Then he was cutting the decade album. So a couple of months later for got all about that. My boys and I had to go to DJ’s on tidewater drive to get some wax for a party we had to do that night. guru

We walked in geeked up straight to the stacks. Next thing i know guru walks up behind me and was like a remember me. Y’all know me i was like ‘hell naw’ wow. Before i could even get it it he was like. I know i know Premier is over here come on i’ll introduce ya’ll. Man you talking about a guy turning into a bitch all of us was like little bitches in that piece that night yo. Yeah we was late to that party that night. I got my autographs from both of them to. I still have it in a frame im gonna have to scan it when i get a chance. But the sound of his voice will live for ever. Big shout outs going out to my brother,my cousin,my friend,my favorite m.c.,my idol Keith Elam a.k.a. Guru from Gang Starr.

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  1. yea man .. he was definitely a god emcee.. dont know why he and premiere were beefing but may he r.i.p..

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