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Ninja Assasin (movie)

This was a good movie i went to go pay and see for a long time. Now thats the type of movie’s i like. Martial arts ninjas coming from out the shadows. This was dope,really cant stop from thinking about the movie. This movie make you wanna go take up a class. Cause if its some people out there like that for real. Just hang it up! This was really the next best thing since azumi,or death trance if you ask me. I cant wait til the dvd comes. Thats it had to get that off my chest whooooo!

I was at : 3200-3298 Lilac Dr, Portsmouth, VA 23703,

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Wall Fine Arts

Downtown norfolk off of plumb st. In a art museum where the paintings are 400 and better. 40 year old surprise birthday party. First time i think i did something like that. Ran old school majority all night. For the last hour after my only slow song for the. Took it to the new,they was waiting on that. Ill say the other ones was like late 30’s early 40’s. Plus your grandmama and aunts and stuff like that. Even a open bar just tip the bartender(white socks dont go with all black) (leave) im joking. Didnt have to do tropical delights either. I was glad bout that. So i could spend all day good on my son birthday early. I know he has to go to school in the morning. Yep i rocked it on some fly artness stuff. Gotta alot more to come to. Like wow hectic.

I was at : Address not available

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Deep Creek Else Lodge

It was banging tonight had a massive sound system for the Oscar Smith reunion. Even did a live feed tonight off my phone.the crowd was crazy. Hoes drunk wanna. Take a brother home with scarrted teeth.  Phater then a mofo though. But as many man! Lol. Everbody wanted me to get freaky on the set but it just won’t like that tonight. With all the women in there man be for real. We haven’t been in this jank since 90 something. So we had to rock it for real. So what’s for next week. Let’s just wait an see.

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Birdman ft. Lil Kim,and Nicki Minaj

Here’s a new jank grinding making money. With Lil Kim,Birdman,and Nicki Minaj. Free mp3 for promotinal use only. Download Here!

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Longshoremen Hall

Still misty rainy ouside. Ran some rain tunes like Mary J,Ashanti type ish. All in all everything was right,and the people there. Collective trying to get hitched tonight. Not the best of promoting I seen. But it was still fun. I still say it was rain though

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