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Guru Dead

This was real cool ass dude right here. You know he’s straight hip hop when you meet this guy. (more…)

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Birthday Party Club

Like what we do is what we do. Did a birthday party out shoop park from 4-7pm today. Stopped back at the crib to get right for the club tonight. And it was a wrap I was feeling myself all day today too yo. Even seen people i havent seen in a minute also. I rocked tonight i mean like i didnt play bend it ova til like 1:50 am i was in my zone. It just feels good man to have the entire club react to you while your Djing. Through up your hands man i didnt even get to play Dj kahled either i was man thinking to myself for real win win win. Get ready for the summer time cause its bout to be well is on and rocking yo. Fosho let me tell ya. But if shorty man im a leave it alone. Its like that more parties more money ya know.

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Trey Songz Jada Kiss After Party

Back out to elizabeth state university for another hot packed cant walk cant move party. (more…)

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Birthday Party Cookout

Just finished my man Pie baby boy birthday party. Outside at the park off of border road. It was nice at first but time that sun started going it started getting chilly then a lil bit “cold”. Well my brother C-Nil at the deep creek else lodge tonight. Myself and Dj Randy from Bouncetime Ent. back out elizabeth city state univerity again tonight. So im tired as a champ right now but hr i get it in!

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Elizabeth City State University

jack & c-lo
This was a last minute jank today for real. So myself and DJ Randy from Bouncetime Entertainment headed out the N.C. just to do sound. Not Knowing who was DJing tonight had the turntables ready but I didnt even brang my laptop tonight at all. So bye the time we pull up to the gym at the school. I daps my people up DJ Ron for hooking us up with the gig. 103 jamz earwax ent bouncetime ent

Guess who DJing,DJ Jack Of Spades from 103 Jamz. Know you already know me and Jack go way back. When I say way back I’m talking bout Big Bad Bass way back type action. So when he see me its like “man where you find this crazy ass nigga man”. Next thing you know we having a ball in the parking lot like we do. Him and his cousin well his own security lmao. It was a sweat box up in that gym tonight man let me tell ya. And them oooooo my gosh it was a lot of thick janks up in there to yo. Trey Songz and Jada Kiss be there tomorrow night. Yep we be there again for the after party shutting it down. O yeah I got my one lil hour on the turntables tonight to. On Spades shit on his laptop Yeah you damn right I ran through his crates. Not like that but enough to set him up like I do for the night. Tomorrow night I got my cousin back. Knowing he gonna get there late after his radio show trust me.

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Rise Of The Fader 7

SO it’s the new podcast coming out every other week. Are even every week ya know. (more…)


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Dem City Boyz

Yep a great night tonight. Rocking wit Dem City Boyz straight out of VA ya know. My bad it took me a minute to get right but DJ Randy from Bouncetime Ent picked up the slack for most of the time. I was still sober he-he. It wad more women then males yo so for those who didnt cop a tickey yo fault. Seemed like Chesapeake finest was in the building. But dont quote me its was lovely all night yo. If you didnt know somebodu you seen there face before some where anyway. No pic for tonight cause a brother was putting in work he-he yeaj right having a ball biaotch ya know ya heard. Get off yo high horse an come check brothers out you ____ ___ ______.

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